Please allow us to introduce you to the Suppliers' Council to the Canadian Tire Industry (S.C.C.T.I.).
For your convenience you may view our Constitution and By Laws. As you will see, the objectives
of the SCCTI are as follows:



To advance and promote the interests of the Canadian Tire Dealers and Retreaders.



To promote co-operative relationships between the Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers
and the Canadian Tire Dealers and Retreaders.



To enhance the image of the Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers.



To co-operate with the Atlantic Tire Dealers, Quebec Tire Dealers, Ontario Tire Dealers and the
Western Tire Dealers in assisting with their Regional Conventions and with the Tire Dealers Association of Canada in the
National Convention and Trade Show.



At the discretion of the SCCTI to financially support all Regional and National Conventions.



It is not the intention of the SCCTI to control or attempt to control prices or discounts of their operation.







We have included an application and hope that you will consider membership. Our goal is to expand our membership and to allow for Regional participation. We wish to represent all suppliers small and large so that we may have a strong voice in working with the Tire Dealer Associations on issues such as trade shows and conventions in terms of frequency and format. We wish to ensure all suppliers receive maximum value for the cost of participating in these functions. Members of the SCCTI do receive reduced rates at all conventions and trade shows and are recognized at all functions for their support.

Please give this matter your consideration, as it is through a strong Suppliers Council that we can best serve your individual needs to work with and support the Tire Dealer Associations in Canada.


Ali Rakla

Peter Parik
Executive Director